senakirfa A.

Anything is Possible, even Nothing is a Possibility(,)

Anything is Possible, even Nothing is a Possibility(,) is an installation that yields and depicts the longing for my, peculiarly (felt), Diasporic existence in the city of Amsterdam. My title continues on the thought raised by S*an D. Henry-Smith in their thesis ‘vicissitudes’, in which they remind me of the purpose of various devices as a means of connecting the world(s) where we previously entered. I quote, ‘‘(..) where from this beyond doom we live in, and simultaneously that from here out, anything is possible. Even nothing is a possibility.’’

outside: wood, paper 220 x 120 

inside: wood, wallpaper 220 x 120

concrete  30 x 40

wood, cotton 120 x 80

glass, paper 140 x 120

photography by Jordi de Vetten