Indexical Present(-ness) ...but she (sA.) started writing anyway, she was on the verge of exploding; clarifying, certain upheaval 


wood, glass, 4c hair 120 x 100 cm

wood, glass, 4c hair 120 x 100 cm

4c hair 10 x 0.8 cm 

glass 65 x 38 cm

4c hair  2 x 0.8 cm

linen, oil paint 70 x 50 cm
photography by Jordi de Vetten

‘What if the beholder glances, glances away, driven by aversion as much as desire? This is

to ask not only, what if beholding were glancing; it is also—or maybe even rather—to ask,

what if glancing is the aversion of the gaze, a physical act of repression, the active forgetting

of an object whose resistance is now not the avoidance but the extortion of the gaze?’

Fragment from In The Break: The Aesthetics Of The Black Radical Tradition by Fred Moten