senakirfa A.

The First Sun is no ordinary thesis. It is a brilliant account of the way in which art can touch us, transform us – in this case by the impact of a single poem.

senakirfa A. offers us a deep reading of Audre Lorde’s Outside as A. impressively contextualizes the impact of Lorde’s words. With rigorously researched literary references A. develops arguments about the location of the self, how body and mind are indistinguishable, how they are framed by external forces. A. demonstrates how poetry can rewrite the self and liberate it from social constrains. In this way, following Édouard Glissant’s suggestion, A. traces how A.’s thinking journeys from an internal ‘dimensionless space’ out into the world: into A.’s father’s attic and the public library that A.’s mother introduced A. to at a young age. In a world saturated with fractured bits of information that pull us away from ourselves, A. impressively draws our attention back to the potential of poetry to regenerate ourselves, make ourselves anew, whole, with every word we write.

a reflection written by Jasper Coppes

excerpt The First Sun - chapter 2: Renewed Meaning(s) The First Sun is wonderfully designed by Jung Yeon Kim, the best!