senakirfa A.

(syntax) to Become: an ongoing Reading exercise <> Collective Read is a monthly reading exercise organized by senakirfa A., grounded in voices that usher Black feminist and decolonial poetics. The monthly reading exercise welcomes and encourages you to Become akin to reading (((again))), and is held at Metro54 every month.

In a world dominated by oppressive measures that perpetuate the inaccessibility of reading, the collective practice and effort of reading among people who have been historically excluded hold agency.

The reading exercise calls on familiarizing ourselves (((again))) with the act of reading which informs a pathway to self-discovery and to our varied poetics that intersect, aiming to hold onto readings’ nourishing abilities.

During the 1,5h reading exercise we will read in the company of each other. Our moments together will vary from reading collectively out loud in turns or coming together to read individually in silence in each other's company, this will be announced beforehand.  

The texts we will read vary from fragments and chapters of prose, letters, science fiction, literary fiction, and poetry engaging in Black feminist and decolonial poetics. As all the reading will happen during our moments together, it’s not mandatory or needed to read beforehand. A digital or physical copy will be made available during the exercise.